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Said: My son, my son actually still alive, good, I finally found my son, great! Men look looks very excited.,purchase anytime upgrade key   Then the man suddenly raised his head a little excited when he said: No, father, I want to find him, I want him back, Yan'ser will certainly be glad to see him, and maybe it will turn for the better and therefore maybe! Hey, well, the wind, I promise you, but not too worried, this thing must take to prepare, do not be a A little awry, so late today, ready to go back and look at today, I sent some experts to escort you with Yaping, the ten million can not be a little mistake, we finally found a small Hao, this must not be able to make he was a little surprised, and you go back to Yan'ser say about it, maybe he can really good point. Really hard on him.,purchase anytime upgrade key   Suddenly the old man said. Brother, Do not worry, do not worry too much, maybe a small Hao sister can really help, but you .

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