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Halo chance to upgrade 8%, attack power for 90% of ordinary attack force, in addition to proficiency 121/8000 thrusting than the rest of the few skills are also improved a lot.,purchase activation key for home premium   Second batter broken body there are also close to the edge of life, and the wind Tianxiang Feng Ren also successfully upgraded single attack improved a lot, as a small tornado will have much slower, after all, is a human-level skills, if you want to upgrade is not so simple. Holy Light angel wings also got his wish to upgrade to The three. Heal moment to add HP also raised to about 60.,purchase activation key for home premium   Whew! Mouse, go, go back to the task assigned, and worn out, go back and take a break! Wind Tianxiang suddenly spoke and said, his face is a little tired, angel wings side as well. Li Hao nodded and then three individuals spontaneously return technique used. Li Hao back after three men went straight away the mercenary trade unions, the number of mercenary unions obvious at this time than the last time to get to more .

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