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We continue to work, and quickly rating upgraded.,purchase product key para windows 7 home premium   Li Hao on towards finish after another wave of monsters rushed. For these monsters Li Hao basically no skill at all, one by one up is cut again, and then let the wind Tianxiang use magic attacks, so the experience is the brush of a few people to rise, especially wind Tianxiang there are angel wings.,purchase product key para windows 7 home premium   After a moment of time two people have been raised to the level of 11, the level of wind Tianxiang also successful from 16 upgrade To 12, while the angel wings are slipped to No. 9, after all, the city angel wings after a priest but by himself leveling, no Li Hao'ss help, he is naturally leveling speed down a lot . Chapter 65 plain leveling (lower) (seeking recommended votes!!) Call, and finally to the horse hurricane territory, well then we are here leveling it, for after the end of the task can be raised to the level I 14, the two of you also try to upgrade again .

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