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Raised his head and said: Wind War warriors, your task will be released after half an hour, go to the time and timely view.,purchase product key para windows 7 home premium   Well, yes, I know! Li Hao nodded and turned away point after the counter, there are angel wings walked around wind Tianxiang said: Well, get, let'ss go, hurry to leveling it, get a bit more up a few levels. Several people on the breeze toward the north gate of the city went after nodded.,purchase product key para windows 7 home premium   When the road winds through pharmacies Tianxiang and bought 20 large qi scattered, 20 0 medium qi scattered, also bought 10 large qi cream (instantaneous fill 100MP) spent a total of 40 gold, once the money is spent will be Li Hao to four-fifths of these agents with angel wings wind Tianxiang Two people sharing a moment, of course, accounted for the bulk of the wind Tianxiang, after all, he needs a lot more, and angel wings because of the magic of the source, so consumption is relatively small. But the wind Tianxiang weight is too low, so many things Pharmacy plus him to pretend he did not finish, most .

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