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Tianxiang before the wind to his call, suddenly could not resist: reliable, Shoko bastard not have the ability to know the future of it, these things simply for his tailored ah! Li Hao mind immediately thought of the scene in the wind Tianxiang equipment drooling looking at these scenes.,purchase activation key for home premium   Well, this kid cheaper, and with these things after Shoko'ss strength will definitely improve a lot. Li Hao heart secretly thought. Then cast aside these thoughts, then picks up a few golden flash Flash of gold, then walked toward the inside.,purchase activation key for home premium   Not ah, how to play big-headed for so long has not come out ah, logically speaking so much movement he should have woke up fishes ah, did not he was deaf Li Hao can not help but want to track. Well how do big-headed is not here no Li Hao came to the hall immediately after found no traces of the big-headed, suddenly some depressing thought, then start looking for them everywhere. Chapter 61 poor big headed (seeking collection push .

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